Don Juan, The Human Dildo

Call me Don Juan, I'm a natural born exhibitionist. Latino living in the US. Former porn performer, male stripper and porn-shop clerk.

I love answering your questions almost as much as I love showing my 8'' dick off.

NSFW content intended for 18 years old and older viewers only.


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I love playing with my big uncut dick when a woman is watching. I also enjoy writing about it. It’s all about my compulsory exhibitionism. 


This session I shot it in a older lady’s house. She was behind the camera, doing all the directing. She saw my work online and invited me to come over to her place to do a video of me masturbating. She was married and had a son about my age, so we shot in the morning when she was home alone. 

The full detailed story will be included in the second volume of my book trilogy. You can start by reading the first one by downloading it here.

Playing in the shower while my then-fuck buddy videotaped me.
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hey I'm 23 year old bi guy, with a 8 inch uncut juicy cock like yours. I wonder I you would masturbate holding your cock and one like mine with one hand

A question by Anonymous

I guess that could be an interesting but extremely hypothetical scenario. Maybe back when I was in my ’20s and more into my experimental phase I would’ve possibly tried something softcore like that. Indeed, I once met a guy who had a cock pretty much identical to mine, same length and shape, only a bit darker and thicker and we placed them next to each other to compare them. But the idea of masturbating grabbing both cocks with one hand didn’t even cross my mind. The full story will be told with a lot more detail on the second volume of my book coming up soon (you can start reading the first volume here).

Teach me the ways yoda.

A question by tx-spaceman

Teach you what you want me to?

Going back to work after a tumbr break. It can get tricky. 

Full Frontal - An Immigrant's Story - First Act (Exclusive Interview)

I know I got a lot of new followers lately. I recommend to them to visit this link and read this interview the girls from adDICKTION blog did with me. There you can find out plenty more about my crazy life in the sex industry. 


By: Ria Cruz for

The Human Dildo has been providing the ladies (and some of the gents) of Tumblr flashes of his God given gifts for some time now. This well endowed exhibitionist and former adult film performer took some time to answer a few of our questions and provide us…

Your confidence is what makes you sexy. I love your blog.

A question by xcanebabyx

What confidence?
I know, maybe my exhibitionism gives that impression, I must be so confident! People many times wrongly assume that all well-endowed men are naturally full of self-esteem. That was never my case. 
I’m only confident when I’m naked or hiding behind a screen name. But if you see me on the streets, or hanging out at a bar, with my clothes on, I’m just a dorky, shy dude. 
Anybody can seem confident online, hidden behind anonymity, but don’t let that deceive you, I deal with self-esteem issues like almost anybody else, in fact, it could be argued that my exhibitionism is nothing more than me trying to overcompensate for all the female attention I never got growing up as an introverted nerd. Anyway, I deal with these issues in depth on my book, if anybody is interested in reading about those sorts of things. 

Time to bring back this classic selfie that used to be on my blog for a while and then I got tired of it and took it down. I feel like going to the nude beach soon. Who wants to join me?

Remember you can always read more about the adventures of me and my dick on this book.

And finally here’s the third part to the blowjob in the porn-shop animated gif sequence. Here you can actually see that the store was open to the public (although it was a slow Friday morning) and a customer walked in on us and saw what was happening. You can’t really see the customer’s reactions because he didn’t sign a release, but you see him far in the background on the last frame. As you can tell, she was totally fine with the situation and even waved to the guy.

If you wanna read the full account of the shooting of this legendary porn scene featuring my dick, you’ll have to wait until the third book in my book trilogy and that’s gonna take a while to come out (I’m still working on it). In the meantime you can read the first volume here.

Since the first part of these gif series went viral overnight and attracted a LOT new followers to The Human Dildo (welcum!) here I’m posting the sequel. 
Self-explanatory. Girl sucking my dick at the porn-shop where I worked. Remember to check out my book if you enjoy reading about big cocks getting sucked by random women in odd places.  

Stay tuned for more.

How does your wife feel about your former work in porn?

A question by pasionde-viajar

She knows about it. I told her about it on our second or third date. But she has never seen any of my work. She’s not really into porn. It’s not her thing. She read my book, so of course she’s very much aware of what a pervert she had the (mis?)fortune of marrying. She knows I had a LOT of crazy sex in my past but she’s wise enough not to develop retroactive jealousy. 

My bf always wants me to talk dirty to him but I just don't know what to say and I just freeze and it makes sex so awkward Do you have any ideas of what I could say it do

A question by Anonymous

I have very little experience in that department, so I’m afraid I have no useful advice for you sorry. The whole talk dirty to me is not really my style, specially when it’s fake, when it’s an act you’re putting to turn the other person on. If it’s truly how you feel and you are expressing yourself naturally and comes out dirty, yeah, that’s really sexy. But to pretend and force it sounds lame to me. I wouldn’t do it.
I guess my only suggestion then is to dig deep inside your dirtier, kinkier side and try to verbalize it, let it out naturally, with your own voice. You’re looking at the porn blog of a dude who shows his big cock to the world, I’m pretty sure you have some kinkiness there, somewhere inside of you or you wouldn’t be here. Just explore that and put it out loud in words. 

You were a pornstar but won't show your face?? Why?

A question by Anonymous

Oh the irony! Anonymous questioning my decision to remain anonymous!

OK, first of all I was never a “pornstar.” I think that titled should be limited only to the famous ones, the stars. I only did twelve porn scenes, most of them for a website that doesn’t even exist anymore and I wasn’t even credited in most of them. I was just a prop. A nameless cock. So, it would be preposterous to claim the title of star. 

The reason why I blur my face on those clips and pics is that I have, and I always had, a career outside of porn. At that point in my life I didn’t care if people saw me, but now I’m married, I have to take care not only of my professional career but also how it could negatively reflect on my wife’s reputation.

If you’re really that interested about learning more about me, instead of focusing on my physical appearance, I’d recommend you to read my book, you’ll get to know me A LOT more intimately.

what are your tattoos of?

A question by Anonymous

Does it really matter? They are remainders of teenage alliances to nerdom. I’m pretty sure I mention and explain the nature of them in the first half of my book.