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Call me Don Juan, I'm a natural born exhibitionist. Latino living in the US. Former porn performer, male stripper and porn-shop clerk.

I love answering your questions almost as much as I love showing my 8'' dick off.

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Just look at her. She really can’t get enough of that cock. And I can’t get enough of her. I love watching her, she’s looks so cute with my dick in her mouth. 

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Third part of the same blowjob sequence (these are first and second parts). This time around she spits on my dick and tries to take it deeper. 

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This one is cute. Same girl from the previous post during that same scene. This is proof that we were friends behind cameras and couldn’t just pretend we were not and act all sexy and stuff. I couldn’t stop saying funny silly shit and she couldn’t help laughing at it. Of course that ruined pretty much the whole shooting, but it was a lot of fun for us.

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One of my favorite porn scenes I’ve ever done was with this girl.
People always ask me about fucking all these hot girls when I did porn and really, I didn’t particularly like any of the partners I worked with. None of them were really my type. I was OK fucking them, but none of them were the type of girl I’d approach at a party.
This one girl however was different, because I knew her before doing porn together, she was a coworker of mine at the porn-shop and when I told her I was doing porn videos she said she would do one—with me.
So it was super hot and fun. 

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Bringing back an old classic that’s been absent from my blog for a long time. A picture from my very last professional photo shoot as a nude model, a few years ago.

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Just now…

Reached 1500 followers! Debating on what special post I should do to celebrate. Thanks to everybody for your support!

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I got this picture taken back in the day, before I ever starred in porn, I used it to try to get porn gigs, but it mainly proved helpful as a tool to get laid with kinky women I met online back then. 

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yo,i really like your blog. somehow it inspires me. i am right now working on the helicopter-shake move. keep the good stuff coming! where did you learn to strip by the way?

A question by Anonymous

Yo, thanks for the support! I never really learned how to strip. I mean, for a while, before I did it myself, I observed other strippers doing it. I had some basic knowledge of dancing (I used to break-dance as a kid) and I had developed moves like “the helicopter” (see below) on my own, as a teenager, way before even knowing that becoming a stripper was an actual possibility. Still, whenever I look at my videos from back then, I feel that I look completely ridiculous and goofy as hell, that’s why I refrain from sharing them here. Sorry, I don’t have a lot of useful advice to give you, but I wish you good luck.


Yup. That was me, on stage. Wanna learn more about me, read this book