Don Juan, The Human Dildo

Call me Don Juan, I'm a natural born exhibitionist. Latino living in the US. Former porn performer, male stripper and porn-shop clerk.

I love answering your questions almost as much as I love showing my 8'' dick off.

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Same concept of my profile icon, different fabric.

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My favorite filmed cumshot of all time. Most other porn-girls I “worked” with were only thee for the money, she really loved that dick. Read more about my adventures in my memoirs.

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She asked me to cum on her tummy while she shoot a video of it. We had met, for the first time, less than an hour before that. 
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That moment when she first pulls downs my underwear to discover a big, throbbing, hard cock and she can’t resist the impulse to stuff her mouth with it. I live for that moment. 

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Every time I see one of my gifs or pictures reblogged by a female follower I go check out her blog and this is what ends up happening. That’s me imagining you getting turned on by my dick.

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I see you get a lot of anon hate for (anonymously) sharing your big dick. Well, I share your "problem", & can honestly say without hesitation, that having a big dick is one of the best feelings on earth. Not only do I get praised every time I drop my pants, I also get to see that face a girl makes as she assesses my length, gasps at my girth, and has to use both hands to jerk me (something I'm sure the trolls will never get to experience). Also, EVERY pussy is tight when you're hung. *drops mic*

A question by Anonymous

I wouldn’t call it “a lot.” Most of the mail I get is actually very kind and supportive. There’re always gonna be some envious haters, as expected, but fortunately they’ve been minority. I’m proud of my penis and all the positive attention that it receives here, but I’m a lot more proud of having such amazing, supportive and intelligent folk as followers, admirers of my cock and readers of my book. Those who don’t like me or what I have to say, I couldn’t care less about.

Reading this book is like having me to cum all over your face, neck and chest.

I usually get boners on airplanes. 

What would you cuff me to?