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Call me Don Juan, I'm a natural born exhibitionist. Latino living in the US. Former porn performer, male stripper and porn-shop clerk.

I love answering your questions almost as much as I love showing my 8'' dick off.

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I am the type that takes pleasure in complimenting ones cock, obeying, and pain to an extent. I was curious. Thank you for answering my questions.

A question by Anonymous

No, thanks to you. I appreciate your curiosity and I enjoy answering all your questions (although I’d rather if they weren’t anonymous). I try to be as honest as I can when answering.

I know a lot of my female followers, specially the younger ones, are into the whole dominant/submissive fetish and want a daddy figure, or so they claim on their blogs (I wonder how and when did that became such a popular trend because, no 20-something women were into that back when I was that age—at least not in the open) and I could probably benefit if I pretended to be more dominant or at least fulfill the expected role of a macho man. But I don’t want to waste anybody’s time with lies, I rather be honest and vulnerable and tell it how it is. After all, that’s the whole point of writing a brutally honest autobiographical book

I’m sorry if this confession ruins somebody’s fantasy, but it’d be impossible to try to please all my followers at the same time. I rather just tell the truth and way those who like me the way I am will like me even more, and those who don’t well… they can probably find some alpha macho dude who will humiliate them and treat them like a chunk of disposable meat. I’m not judging, whatever rock your boat… 

Are you the dominant, choke her and make her beg type? Just curious

A question by Anonymous

The short answer is no. I’m not naturally like that. But I can be, and I have been in some occasions. Except for the choking part, I’d never do that or inflict any real pain on anybody, that’s beyond my capabilities. Sorry to burst your fantasy but I’m being honest.

As a general rule, I rather be the passive party in a relationship. I’m the total opposite of an alpha macho man and I’m happy being like that. I like women with strong personalities, women who know what they want and go for it. I rather have women approach me, flirt with me, seduce me, objectify me, use me and abuse me than the other way around. I like feeling like the object of their desire and I love having women worshiping my body and my dick. But I’m not into any kind of humiliation or degradation either—I don’t like dominatrix-type women. I just like women who make me feel hot and desired and who have initiative and aren’t always expecting the man to make the move.

That being said, I’ve been in relationships where I totally flipped the roles and I’ve became the dominant party and it was a lot of fun. I used to have a whole set of S&M toys that I “borrowed” from the porn-shop where I used to work, including whips, paddles, restrains, handcuffs, ball-gag, blindfolds and plenty of dildos and I enjoyed using them on women who were submissive and enjoyed being dominated. I’d tease her with my cock forever until she begged for it, while I tried every toy on her. Still, no real pain, no chocking, no bruises left. And at the end of the day it was just me pretending to be something I’m not naturally (which can always be fun!), just to satisfy her fantasy, and it only happened after we were done with her worshiping me and telling me how amazing my cock was. 

Im a straight white male with a 9inch dick and I dont hate you because im more privileged that you in a lot of ways haha bitch

A question by Anonymous

Great! I’m a straight white male with an 8inch dick but unlike you I’m not going around acting like an anonymous douchebag troll. Enjoy your multiple privileges! 

You're very interesting. Although constantly pointing out you have a big dick seems a little douchey you totally make up for it with your blog. Also, size really doesn't matter. Especially when they know what they're doing.

A question by Anonymous

Thanks for your kind words. It’s indeed extremely hard to openly talk about being gifted with a big penis without sounding like a douchebag and that’s something I struggled with while writing my book. I had to acknowledge it because it’s an imperative piece of information regarding the course my life took for that period, but I didn’t want to come out as if I was bragging. That’s why I always point out that regardless of the wonders of my penis and the luck it provided me in the dating field, I was, I am and I’ll probably always be intrinsically a loser trying to overcompensate for a perceived lack of female attention. 

That being said, size does matter. Not for all people bigger is better, (but to many it is indeed) but to all it makes a difference. It’s simple physics, a big penis will never feel the same way going inside a vagina (or anus) than a small one. Of course that doesn’t mean that it will feel better. Size can be a disadvantage in many ways. Some women complain about big dick being too painful or uncomfortable. It doesn’t happen all the time, but I’ve encountered a handful of women who couldn’t take my dick in doggystyle position because it was going too deep and it hurt too much, and I’m not even THAT big. 

What I’m trying to say it that more or less penis size is never guarantee of pleasure for the female, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter. It does. And if you’re a woman and you say otherwise you’re probably lying to avoid hurting the feelings of some boyfriend or you just haven’t had sex with a big dick yet. 

The argument about “knowing what you’re doing with it” I don’t take it seriously, simply because there’s no proven way to actually know what you’re doing when it comes to sex. There’s not one blanket formula that works the same way for everybody. Every woman is different and likes it in a different way, so what works wonders for some might barely tickle others. There’s not one move or position that will rock the world of all women equally. So you might have sex with me and say “he really knows what he’s doing” if whatever I did happened to be what works for you, but the next girl who fucks me might completely disagree and say that I was a boring, lousy lay. And neither would be right in their statement, or wrong. 

My two cents. 

PS: If you wanna read more about my life with a big dick and my sexual awakening and insertion in the porn industry, feel free to check out this book where I deal with these topics in much more detail. 

Just reached 2000 followers, so I’m celebrating it by bringing back the first picture of this blog, the one that started it all, my first dickpic to go viral on tumblr over three years ago.

Welcome to all my new follower and very special thanks for all the loyal ones who’ve been supporting The Human Dildo since the beginnings. 

Make sure you check out the first volume of my digital book autobiographic trilogy if you wanna find out more about my cock and the person it’s attached to.

You know that probably 98% of the straight males on tumblr hate you, right?

A question by Anonymous

Wow! I really hope you don’t mean that seriously and it’s just a hyperbolic statement.

I don’t think there’s any reason in this blog why “straight males” should hate me. But if they do, as you claim, then there’s very little I can do to remedy it.

Could they envy the fact that I have a bigger-than-average cock? Sure, I can understand that. But that’s something that has no merit in itself. You’re either born with it or not. So why would anybody waste time hating somebody else because of their genetic predisposition?

I didn’t chose to have a big dick. I didn’t do anything to deserve it. I was just born with it. However, I did chose to show it to the world and I also did, for a while, use it to make money while having multiple women play with it. True. But I didn’t do any of that with the intention of showing off in front of other “straight males” as a way to compete with them, or making feel lesser than me or anything. I did it because I was a loser! I grew up feeling like a total loser, with super low self esteem. I felt neglected and ignored by all women because I was a dorky teenager, so as soon as I realized I had this “gift” that made me stand out, I decided it to exploit it to the extreme and get, as an adult, all the female attention that I didn’t get growing up.

More than envying my penis size, I guess they could envy my courage to put myself out there in those situations most men only fantasize about. I could see that. But still, no, that’s not reason enough to “hate” someone. Oh well, what could I do? If they do, as you claim, hate me, so be it. I can’t do much about it, other than say, sorry, it wasn’t my intention to hurt anybody’s feelings.

Im still just a nerd with low self esteem who only feels confident about himself and his body when he’s naked so I use this blog to satisfy my urge to show my nudity to female strangers, something I rarely do anymore as a married man. You wanna hate me for that? Go ahead.

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I love playing with my big uncut dick when a woman is watching. I also enjoy writing about it. It’s all about my compulsory exhibitionism. 


This session I shot it in a older lady’s house. She was behind the camera, doing all the directing. She saw my work online and invited me to come over to her place to do a video of me masturbating. She was married and had a son about my age, so we shot in the morning when she was home alone. 

The full detailed story will be included in the second volume of my book trilogy. You can start by reading the first one by downloading it here.

Playing in the shower while my then-fuck buddy videotaped me.
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hey I'm 23 year old bi guy, with a 8 inch uncut juicy cock like yours. I wonder I you would masturbate holding your cock and one like mine with one hand

A question by Anonymous

I guess that could be an interesting but extremely hypothetical scenario. Maybe back when I was in my ’20s and more into my experimental phase I would’ve possibly tried something softcore like that. Indeed, I once met a guy who had a cock pretty much identical to mine, same length and shape, only a bit darker and thicker and we placed them next to each other to compare them. But the idea of masturbating grabbing both cocks with one hand didn’t even cross my mind. The full story will be told with a lot more detail on the second volume of my book coming up soon (you can start reading the first volume here).

Teach me the ways yoda.

A question by tx-spaceman

Teach you what you want me to?

Going back to work after a tumbr break. It can get tricky. 

Full Frontal - An Immigrant's Story - First Act (Exclusive Interview)

I know I got a lot of new followers lately. I recommend to them to visit this link and read this interview the girls from adDICKTION blog did with me. There you can find out plenty more about my crazy life in the sex industry. 


By: Ria Cruz for

The Human Dildo has been providing the ladies (and some of the gents) of Tumblr flashes of his God given gifts for some time now. This well endowed exhibitionist and former adult film performer took some time to answer a few of our questions and provide us…

Your confidence is what makes you sexy. I love your blog.

A question by xcanebabyx

What confidence?
I know, maybe my exhibitionism gives that impression, I must be so confident! People many times wrongly assume that all well-endowed men are naturally full of self-esteem. That was never my case. 
I’m only confident when I’m naked or hiding behind a screen name. But if you see me on the streets, or hanging out at a bar, with my clothes on, I’m just a dorky, shy dude. 
Anybody can seem confident online, hidden behind anonymity, but don’t let that deceive you, I deal with self-esteem issues like almost anybody else, in fact, it could be argued that my exhibitionism is nothing more than me trying to overcompensate for all the female attention I never got growing up as an introverted nerd. Anyway, I deal with these issues in depth on my book, if anybody is interested in reading about those sorts of things.