Don Juan, The Human Dildo

Call me Don Juan, I'm a natural born exhibitionist. Latino living in the US. Former porn performer, male stripper and porn-shop clerk.

I love answering your questions almost as much as I love showing my 8'' dick off.

NSFW content intended for 18 years old and older viewers only.


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Missing the sun on my naked skin. Summer is officially over :(

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Just look at her. She really can’t get enough of that cock. And I can’t get enough of her. I love watching her, she’s looks so cute with my dick in her mouth. 

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The yellow sticker on my belt buckle said “Ask First” and she asked. Of course I said yes.

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Do you have any videos of you?

A question by Anonymous

Yes. I have all of them. That’s where all the animated gifs I post here came from.

Extra veiny, for all you fetishist following, enjoy! 
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It’s finally here! This weekend is my annual chance to parade myself around naked in public and take lots of CFNM pictures with the girls. These are all from previous years, wait for new ones coming up next week. 
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Only I can get to carry my cock in my pocket. But you can carry a copy of my book in yours if you download it into your smartphone and that’s as intimate as you get with my cock. 

Sometimes I wank over your dick

A question by Anonymous



Don’t tell anybody, but sometimes I do too. 

Just wank?

Rub one out …
Stroke till it spits …

Then start over


For all the lovers of cum-shots and heavy loads. But for one in particular. Enjoy

You unzip my pants, you see this, what do you do?
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